Weekly Workouts: February 16, 2015


Is it really Friday afternoon? Normally, I am so much better at posting my weekly workouts at the beginning of the week but this week has been brutal. Work has been killer and I haven’t really wanted to do much of anything when I got home. Last weekend, I survived another runDisney race weekend. Honestly, I almost threw in the towel before the 10k even got started but that is a whole other story that I will save for that race recap. Speaking of race recaps, I am SOOOO behind on those and I should have the rest of my recaps from Marathon Weekend done by the end of next week. (Fingers crossed!)

Besides running in another crazy race challenge, I had a pretty good week. My body continued to cooperate and allowed me to get in a few runs and even some core work. Plus, I was able to fit in a strength training session at the gym. Pretty impressive and pretty dumb at the same time. When will I learn that doing any sort of leg work during the week of a big race is not exactly the smartest thing in the world?

Monday – Easy Run + Core

  • 2.40 miles, 33:32 minutes, 13:57 min/mile avg. pace
  • Core – 6:00 minutes (2 sets of 12 Side Plank Hip Lifts, 12 Russian Twists, 17 Bicycle Crunches)

Tuesday – Cross Training + Strength Training + Core

  • Elliptical – 1.67 miles, 20:00 minutes
  • NROLFW – Stage 1, Workout 3B (22 minutes)
  • Core – 7:00 minutes (2 sets of 14 Side Plank Hip Lifts, 14 Russian Twists, 18 Bicycle Crunches)

Wednesday – Core

  • Core – 7:00 minutes (2 sets of 14 Side Plank Hip Lifts, 14 Russian Twists, 20 Bicycle Crunches)

Thursday – Easy Run

  • 2.80 miles, 37:04 minutes, 13:16 min/mile avg. pace

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Enchanted 10k

  • 6.21 miles, 1:26:12 (total time), 13:53 min/mile avg. pace

Sunday – Princess Half Marathon

  • 13.11 miles, 3:03:33 (total time), 14:00 min/ mile avg. pace, 158 BPM HR

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