2015 Walt Disney World 10k Race Recap

After a not-so-good night’s sleep before the 5k, I had absolutely no problem falling asleep before 9 PM on Thursday evening. I don’t think I moved once or even stirred before my alarm went off at 3 AM. Despite the early hour, I had a surprising amount of energy and nearly sprang out of bed. After examining the weather app on my phone, I got dressed and ready to go. It didn’t seem like it was going to be as cold and windy as the day before so I decided to leave my gloves and ear muff headband in the room.

At 3:30, I kissed Pete goodbye, grabbed something to munch on, and headed out the door. As I walked over to the monorail station at the Contemporary, I considered going back to the room for at least my gloves but decided against it. I reasoned with myself that I would warm up as soon as I started running and it really wasn’t as cold as the day before. When I arrived at Epcot, I headed over to the staging area to find my running buddy. After we realized that we had beat our goal by 10 seconds the previous day, we decided that we wanted to all of our race finishing times to be faster than the previous year. It was a lofty goal but one that seemed doable. For the 10k, our goals was to beat 1:39:12 and be closer to a 15:45 min/mile pace.

While we waited to get started with the race, I really started to question myself about not going back to the room for my gloves. My hands were absolutely freezing and I couldn’t find a way to get them warm. Since it was a little bit of hassle to get to our corral the day before, we headed over there early and waited for the start of the race. At 5:30 AM, the first corral was released and we only had to wait 30 minutes before our corral started. Those 30 minutes gave us more time to discuss our plan of attack for the race. With a time goal in mind, we decided to follow a similar plan to the 5k, which seemed to work pretty well for us.


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