Weekly Workouts: July 14, 2014

Last week turned out to be extremely frustrating AND completely amazing all at the same time. I wasn’t quite sure that it was possible for so much to be crammed into one week but apparently it is. At the beginning of the week, I struggled with trying to fit in a workout while trying to finish certain tasks on my current work project. My work week was going to be short and I didn’t want to leave on Thursday with any unfinished tasks.


Monday – Easy Run

  • Easy Run – 4.08 miles, 54:01 minutes, 13:16 min/mile, 137 BPM

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Relaxing by the Pool

Saturday – Food and Wine Conference

Sunday – Food and Wine Conference

On Monday, I left work feeling utterly exhausted but I still wanted to get a run in. When Pete said that he wasn’t feeling up to going to the gym, I decided to go home and knock out a run on the treadmill in our garage. I quickly changed and grabbed my iPad so that I could watch a movie while I was running. Normally, I listen to music while running. I can’t do that on the treadmill. I really do need something to watch or look out so I don’t think about how many more miles I have before I am finished.

Monday's Run

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I ended up staying pretty late at the office trying to finish some things up. I am working a unique project right now and I really want to show the project managers that I can make it work. Unfortunately, my desire to get ahead of the game at work really hindered my efforts to get to the gym for my workouts.

The plan for Thursday evening was for Pete to pick me up from work and we head over to Orlando. Once we got to Orlando and checked into the hotel, we were going to find the Anytime Fitness that was right down the road. Our plan was shot when Pete had some car issues and we didn’t end getting to the hotel until close to midnight. I was not exactly in the mood to do anything except pass out.

Hanging by the Pool on Friday

On Friday, we relaxed by the pool and soaked up the sun. It was awesome! That evening the Food and Wine Conference got underway and the craziness of the weekend started. When the conference ended on Sunday afternoon, I was in desperate need of sleep, a decent workout, and a chance to get back to my normal routine. Before we left Orlando, Pete suggested that we stop at Epcot for dinner at the Rose & Crown Pub in the United Kingdom Pavilion. Little did I know that he had a totally different motive than simply making excellent use of our annual passes. What an amazing end to the weekend!

Sunday's Surprise

How did your workouts go last week?

*By the way, Pete and I have decided that we don’t want to share all of the details of our wedding planning process until after the wedding takes place. I will keep crazy notes so that I will be able share everything after the fact. I will share a few things along the way but the regular content and stories that you are used to will remain.

Weekly Workouts: July 7, 2014

Last weekend went by way too fast. I feel like I only accomplished a small fraction of what I wanted. It is mostly my own fault since I spent Saturday not doing very much of anything. My laziness on Saturday affected what I was able to finish on Sunday. I really wanted to go for a longish run on Sunday evening but I just ran out of time.

For the most part, my workouts went pretty well last week. My focus has definitely shifted to more running and less strength training. I still want to finish the LiveFit Trainer program but it is becoming harder when I want to run longer than 20 minutes. Finishing the program before I officially start marathon training is proving to be more difficult than I expected.


Monday – Cross Training + Strength Training

  • Elliptical – 1.22 miles, 15:00 minutes
  • Strength Training – Legs (91 minutes)

Tuesday – Easy Run

  • 3.12 miles, 41:59 minutes, 13:27 min/mile avg. pace, 135 BPM

Wednesday – Cross Training + Strength Training

  • Elliptical – 1.24 miles, 15:00 minutes
  • Strength Training – Back, Arms, and Abs (71 minutes)

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Easy Run

  • 2.60 miles, 35:00 minutes, 13:27 min/mile avg. pace, 130 BPM

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

Since Monday was Legs Day, I decided to start my workout with an easy warm up on the elliptical machine instead of a short run. After my warm up and stretching, I headed over to the weights for my Legs Day workout. I have decided that Legs Day is ROUGH and not at all the easiest day of the week. I felt pretty weak so I decided not to do the exercises in supersets and my legs really appreciated it.

After work on Tuesday, I headed to the gym with the intention of doing a short run (30 minutes or so) followed by a strength workout. I hopped on the treadmill and started my run. When I reached the 30 minute mark, I realized that I didn’t have the energy to spend another hour at the gym doing my strength workout. Instead, I kept running until I finished a 5k before heading home.

Tuesday's Run

While at work on Wednesday, I did something that I wasn’t planning to do … at all! My sisters can be really bad influences sometimes. I signed up for next year’s Glass Slipper Challenge during the runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend. I really wasn’t planning to do it again this year but my mom and sisters wanted to do the Enchanted 10k again. After work, I headed to the gym to complete the strength workout I missed from Tuesday.

On Thursday evening, I hung out with Marcia and Krissy at a local speakeasy. It was so much fun spending the some time with these awesome ladies. After work on Friday, I made it back to the gym for a short, easy run on the treadmill. I was hoping that I would be able to complete another strength workout but I just didn’t have the energy. One might think that I would have more energy with as much coffee as I drink every day.

Friday's Run

Over the weekend, I had grand plans of going to the gym and fitting in a longish run. Unfortunately, my grand plans didn’t exactly play out the way that I would have liked. In fact, I didn’t workout at all. I did finish working on a delicious recipe that will be posted soon. Pete really enjoyed it!

How did your workouts go last week? Have you ever struggled with staying focused on your goals?