Balancing My Everyday Stress

Stress is a six letter word that constantly makes my everyday life exhausting and overwhelming. It is simply the body’s reaction to a challenge. These challenges come in all shapes and sizes but the relatively small challenges are the ones that cause me the most stress. Life challenges me on a daily basis causing excessive stress and over the years I have learned a few ways to reduce it.


Lately, work has been the source of the majority of my stress but certainly not the only source. I spend close to 10 hours a day at the office constantly trying to put out fires, check things off my list, and make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle line up correctly. I also find myself stressing about my long list of goals from weight loss to fitness to blogging. These challenges are on a much smaller scale than the ones at work but they are ones that keep me up at night. Did I mention that planning our wedding has caused me endless amounts of stress lately?

With all of this stress in my life coming from what seems like a million different places at times, it has not been an easy task trying to find ways to reduce my everyday stress level. It has taken a whole lot of trial and error to figure out what works the best for me. Most of the time one of the tricks I have found will help me handle my excess stress even when it feels like nothing will be able to help some days.

1. Stay organized.


Dealing with everyday stress can be as simple as keeping yourself organized. I struggle with keeping myself organized but checking things off of a list can be the easiest way to reduce stress. I use a daily planner to write down all of my appointments and tasks that I want to accomplish each day. I also have checklists for each of the projects that I am currently working on. What is it about putting a check mark next to an item on a list that helps reduce the stress in my life?

2. Break a sweat.


One of my favorite ways to reduce the stress is going for a run. When work and life become overwhelming, I can usually find relief with a heart pounding run or an jello-leg inducing strength workout. Breaking a sweat is an immediate stress reliever that also helps me achieve my fitness goals. I have found that some of my toughest workouts happen after a seriously stressful day at work.

3. Vent it out.

Another favorite stress reliever is venting out my anger on my way home from work. Most days, I call Pete to tell him about my day, discuss dinner plans, and vent out any lingering stress that I have. I usually preface my venting sessions so that he knows what is coming and that I just need him to listen. It has taken some practice but we have a pretty good system that allows me to vent out my stress without causing any arguments between us. When he isn’t available, I have found that listening (and singing along) to music on the ride home is a fabulous alternative.

4. Try an all natural remedy.

When all else fails, all natural remedies like herbal teas and essential oils can do the trick. Sometimes, curling up on the couch with a steaming cup of chamomile tea works wonders on my stress level. It is soothing, delicious, and even helps me fall asleep when my brain won’t shut off. I am also fond of certain fragrances and candles for calming my mind and reducing my stress level. Unfortunately, I can’t burn candles at the office and chamomile tea usually makes me sleepy. When my stress becomes too much at work, I like to chew on a RESCUE Pastille to help me reduce my stress and get back to checking things off of my To Do lists. RESCUE Pastilles are all natural, homeopathic stress relievers that are designed to provide relief of occasional stress.


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What are your favorite ways to reduce stress?

Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.