Weigh In Wednesday

Only one and a half more work days until I am back at one of my favorite places on the planet, Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon race weekend. My sister is flying in from Chicago tomorrow evening. Pete is picking me up early from work on Friday and then it is off to the land of the mouse. Whenever it is time for another race weekend at Disney, I seriously get giddy like a school girl. There is just something about Walt Disney World that brings my back to my childhood. I could probably blame my parents for taking us there all the time when we were younger but I won’t.

When you start a weight loss journey, the scale instantly becomes your best friend and your worst enemy. Some times, the scale shows you a number that you really want to see but most of the time it doesn’t. The number you see is most likely lower than the number you started at but it is not as low as you were expecting or it may even be a little bit higher than the previous week. More often than not, the scale is your worst enemy when you are trying to lose weight. You bust your butt at the gym and you watch your calories like a hawk but the scale still doesn’t show you the number that you want. The scale will test your patience and resolve.

Last week was a pretty rough week for me. On Monday, I knew that it was not going to be easy for me to make it through the week. My body wasn’t feeling great and I spent most of the week fearing that another episode like December would happen. I was afraid to work out and I really wanted to devour all the chocolate. Most days, I struggled to stay under my calorie allotment and several days I actually went over. When I finally started to feel normal, I just wasn’t in the mood to work out or focus on my calories. I had already chucked the week and assumed that I would see a gain when I weighed myself on Monday morning.

  • (Re)Starting Weigh In (12/15/14): 171.4 lbs.
  • Last Week’s Weigh In (2/9/15): 166.2 lbs.
  • This Week’s Weigh In (2/16/15): 167.0 lbs.
  • This Week’s Weight Change: +0.8 lbs. (+0.48%)
  • Total Weight Change: –4.4 lbs. (-2.56%)


When I saw the number on the scale on Monday morning, I wasn’t surprised at all. I knew that I hadn’t done anything to deserve a loss or even maintenance. I was still disappointed and a little upset. I tried to figure out what I could have done differently while I was in the shower. The scale won and I was letting it get under my skin. I was also frustrated that my total loss wasn’t more after 9 weeks of trying to lose weight. My daily calorie allotment has been based on trying to lose one pound a week so I should be closer to 9 pounds than I actually was. Am I not committed enough? Should I change up what I eat every day? Do I need to try a new fitness routine?

Once my initial anxiety was over, I realized that I don’t need to drastically change anything. I have lost weight. I haven’t lost as much as I would have liked but the number on the scale has moved in the right direction. Not every week is going to be perfect and I need to remember that. My pants are starting to feel a little looser and I have already started using the next notch in my belt. (Hello NSV!) Losing weight is a weekly struggle but it is also about the long term. Every week is not going to be good. If the scale keeps moving in the right direction, then I am winning.

Since I am spending the weekend at Walt Disney World, it will be even harder to stick to my plan. I may be running two races but that doesn’t mean I can eat everything in sight. I need to be mindful of the food that I choose to eat and how much of it that I do eat. I really love to overindulge when I am at Disney but I don’t want to do that this time. I would really like to see a smaller number on the scale on Tuesday morning. I also need to make sure that I am drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.

How are you doing on your weight loss goals? How do you feel when you hit a stumbling block?