Weekly Workouts: February 23, 2015


Is it really Wednesday? I just can’t seem to catch up lately. Sometimes it takes so much extra time after a weekend away to get back into the regular swing of things. I don’t think that it helped any that work has been crazy of that Pete and I are sick once again. We keep passing this head cold back and forth between each other and it is getting down right ridiculous.

Anyway, last week was a pretty easy week in terms of my workouts. I spent some extra time at the office so I didn’t make it to the gym for any strength training or cross training. Those are two areas that I really want to focus on now that I am not really training for any races. Wait, what!?! That’s right. I don’t have any more big races on my calendar until November. Just like last spring and summer, I want to spend some time focusing on my strength and my speed so long distance running will be taking a bit of a back burner. I still want to be in “half marathon” shape so I will be aiming for one long-ish run a week but I won’t be trying to push myself too much in that department.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Speed Work

  • 3.12 miles, 40:03 minutes, 12:49 min/mile avg. pace, 156 BPM HR

Thursday – Easy Run

  • 2.42 miles, 32:02 minutes, 13:16 min/mile avg. pace, 141 BPM HR

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Easy Run

  • 2.94 miles, 37:32 minutes, 12:46 min/mile avg. pace, 131 BPM HR

Sunday – Rest

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