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ProfilePictureHello, my name is Rachel and welcome to Runner’s Tales! I am a running/healthy living blogger from Tampa, Florida.

When I started this blog, my intention was to use it as a training journal. I was taking the plunge in running long distance races and I wanted to document my progress. As my blog developed, I realized that my training was having an affect on so much more than my progress as a runner. My training was actually helping me become a healthier and happier person and I wanted to chronicle those adventures as well. So with that Runner’s Tales was born. This blog is about my adventures in running and healthy living!

I update my blog regularly with my daily adventures in trying to be a healthy, happy person. It has taken me a long time to realize what truly makes me happy and with that came the healthy aspect of living. I love running and I love eating. My love of running didn’t start until February 2011 and I haven’t looked back. I have loved eating my entire life and it has always taken a toll on my health but I am taking control of it little by little. Since starting my healthy living journey in January 2011, I have lost more than 50 pounds and am getting close to my healthy weight goal.

My goal is to inspire you with my adventures and to help you find your own path to being healthier and happier. I will share my adventures in running and other forms of fitness. I will be sharing my love of traveling, eating and reading. I have also rediscovered my love of photography and will share tips and tricks that I learn.


  1. Roger Meyer says

    Hi Rachel,

    My name is Roger Meyer, I work with your father at the St. Pete. Times. Your father and I go way back to college at USF. We were in several classes together. He told me about you exploits this year and how you got into running. I have to say that I am very impressed with the progress you have made so far.

    I’ve been an endurance athlete for over 30 years starting out as a runner and later becoming a Triathlete. I’m currently a USAT Level I coach. Your father tells me that you were a swimmer once so all you need now is a bike and you are good to go. : )

    I just want to wish you the best in your race coming up. Remember to go out easy to start and back off. Good luck.



    • says

      Thanks Roger! My boyfriend has been trying to get me on a bike for months now but I just don’t think I have enough balance or equilibirum for it. Ask my dad. He taught me how to ride but I never really enjoyed it. Running has give me more then I could have ever imagined it would. It has helped me lose weight and find myself. It has allowed me to start the journey towards living the life that I have always wanted to live.

  2. Kristen Parks says

    I already emailed you but you and I should definitely jog together sometimes I am often in your area because sometimes I go to my gym over there. Email me anytime! Good luck and I am in your boat. It is easy to get side tracked but don’t! Even when I am exhausted I still eat right and go to the gym and it is finally paying off. Need anything or to vent let me know :)

  3. says

    Rachel, it was a pleasure to meet you today and share such great insights and conversations. Here is hoping that we will meet again soon and I now have you on my reading list… looking forward to more reading!

  4. says

    I’m absolutely loving your blog. I found you on Twitter through fitfluential. I recently decided to jump right into running. I joined weight watchers after my daughter was born last May, lost the pounds I wanted to, and decided it was time to get active and healthy instead of just losing the pounds. I’ve never felt better! I’m loving running, and recently completed my first 5k. I have signed up for a few more, and actually began a training schedule for a half marathon in October. We’ll see how that goes, but I find your blog inspiring! Keep blogging! : )
    -Amy G.-

    • says

      Thank you so much Amy! Congratulations on your weight loss and your first 5K! My first 5K was an experience that I will never forget and it ultimately led me to have the confidence to sign up for my first half marathon. If you continue to enjoy running and follow a training plan, I am sure you will be able to cross the finish line of your first half marathon in October. Remember to always listen to your body and to stretch regularly (trust me … it helps!). Please let me know how your future races go!

  5. says

    Rachel, I have been following your blog for a few months now. I love your posts, and you are one of the people who have inspired me to start my own running blog! :) Thanks for sharing your story, and keep it up!

  6. says

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