2013 Flavor Run 5k Race Recap

Disclosure: I was provided with a free entry into The Flavor Run in exchange for this post.

Yesterday, I participated in my first race of the season. It wasn’t a race that I was planning to set a new PR. The only thing I really wanted to do was have as much fun as possible. At 7 AM yesterday morning, my alarm went off and I started to get ready for The Flavor Run. I quickly changed into my race outfit, grabbed a bagel with peanut butter and headed out the door.


The Flavor Run was held at the Florida State Fairgrounds and I was signed up for one of the first waves of the day. After I parked, I found Megan and her friend Keri. The three of us made our way to starting area. Our wave was supposed to start at 9 AM but the start was delayed by about 15 minutes. Just before our wave started, there was a “flavor wave” and we ended up getting flavor-ized before the race even started.


The race course snaked through the Florida State Fairgrounds. Going into this race, I knew that I wasn’t going to running for time. The race started late enough that the heat was going to be huge factor. As Megan, Keri and I made our way through the course, we realized that we would be walking most of it. There just wasn’t a whole lot of shade for us to use to escape the heat.


The first flavor station was located near the 1/2-mile mark. This station was the orange station. We ran through the orange cloud and I was reminded of an orange grove. The race organizers did a fabulous job of making the powder smell and taste like the fruit associated with that color.

The second flavor station was yellow. As we ran through the banana flavored cloud, I closed my eyes and tried not to inhale. I wasn’t in the mood to run another 2+ miles smelling banana. The three of us were fairly sweaty by this point and we started to worry that the color wouldn’t wash off very easily.


Shortly after the banana flavor station, we entered the Flavor Forest. This stretch of the course was through a shaded, grassy section of the Fairgrounds. Throughout the Flavor Forest, there were Flavor Fairies sprinkling the runners with the blue and purple flavor powders. These were my favorite flavors because I absolutely love blueberries and grapes.


As we continued through the Flavor Forest, we came across the dedicated flavor stations for the blueberries and grapes. The blueberry powder was my favorite color. It was such a vibrant blue color. Of course, this color also seemed to stick to our skin a little more than the rest of the powders.


After we left the Flavor Forest, we only had a little more than a mile left to go before the finish line. According to my watch, we hadn’t quite reached the 2 mile mark. We kept moving forward despite the sun shining high over head. Throughout this portion of the race, the three of us walked quite a bit. We ran through the pink flavor station, which was strawberry flavored.

As we made the last turn to the finish line, we had one last flavor station to run through. The green station was located just before the finish line. As we approached the watermelon scented cloud, I decided that I was going to sprint across the finish line. I absolutely love the feeling of bursting through the finish line and claiming my finisher’s medal. When I looked down at my watch to stop it, I was a little disappointed that it only read 2.74 miles. I was fully expecting to run a 5k and the course was short.



After we all crossed the finish line and had our medals, we went over the food line to some fruit. Running through fruit scented clouds for almost 3 miles really had me craving the stuff. I seriously wanted some watermelon, which I am blaming on the green cloud I ran through right before I crossed the finish line.


Overall, I really loved the concept of the race. Being covered in colored powder is a lot more fun when the powder is scented like delicious fruit. Oh and it also helps when the powder tastes like something so you aren’t too grossed out when it gets in your mouth. I think it would have been a lot more fun if the race would have taken place during the cooler months. I was not a huge fan of the powder sticking to my sweaty body and dying my skin before I even left the flavor station. (Baking soda worked wonders for removing the coloring from my skin!) I also loved that there was a finisher’s medal. I think that more of the fun runs should have finisher’s medals.

Disclosure: I was provided with a free entry into The Flavor Run in exchange for this post.

What is the craziest fun run/race you have participated in?


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    Oh this sounds cool! After doing both Color Me Rad and The Color Run this year I’ve decided not to do any more of these kind of runs, but I might do this one! Sounds yummy and fun!

    I kind of wish more fun runs came in the form of 10Ks. I think it would attract less walkers but still provide a fun course for friends who like to run together and have a good time.