Weekly Workouts: July 1, 2013

To be quite honest, I feel like last week was a little uneventful. I managed to complete 4.5 out of 6 of my planned workouts, which means I am on target to where I want to be. The weekends are the areas that I really need to improve on. Somehow, I always end up being too busy doing everything else that I can’t find the time to work out. It is so easy for me to come up with a million other things to do than work out and I need to stop.

2013 July Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday, 7/1/2013 – Cross Training + Strength Training
    • Elliptical – 1.30 miles, 15 minutes
    • Strength Training – NROLFW Workout 1A #8 (38 minutes)


On Monday morning, my boyfriend dragged me out of bed to go to the gym Seriously, Mondays are the absolute worst when it comes to me waking up on time. I think it is my mind trying to avoid going to work at the start of the week. When we got to the gym, I hopped on the elliptical machine for my cross training warm up. My weights workout was pretty uneventful. I do feel like I am getting stronger though. I can comfortable lift heavier weights than I have in a while.

  • Tuesday, 7/2/2013 – Easy Run
    • 4.00 miles, 53:00 minutes, 13:15 min/mile avg. pace

My Tuesday morning run felt awesome! I actually woke up ready to go to the gym and it didn’t take too much effort for my boyfriend to get me going. Some mornings I really do feel like I am making his mornings miserable because I don’t want to get out of bed. I wish I didn’t need to make a pit stop in the middle of it though. I really hate when that happens. Despite the minor interruption, I ran a solid 4 mile easy run.

  • Wednesday, 7/3/2013 – Rest

I had no energy what so ever to do anything but sleep in on Wednesday morning. I knew that I needed to stay a little late at work so I decided to just push my cross training and strength training workout to Friday.

  • Thursday, 7/4/2013 – Easy Run
    • 4.07 miles, 53:01 minutes, 13:03 min/mile avg. pace


My Dumbo Double Dare Training plan called for an easy 3 mile run on Thursday but I ended up running 4. Since we both had the day off from work, we decided to do our workouts at the house. While he went for his bike ride, I jumped on the treadmill. He claimed that he would finish his ride before I finished my 3 mile run. I had to prove him wrong. Smile

  • Friday, 7/5/2013 – Cross Training + Strength Training
    • Elliptical – 2.49 miles, 25:00 minutes
    • Strength Training – NROLFW Workout 1B #8 (34 minutes)


After work on Friday, I headed to the gym. I felt sooo much better during this workout than I did on Monday. Oh and I felt like such a Bad A$$ the whole time I was deadlifting the 80 lb. barbell. I realize that may not seem like a whole lot of weight to some but that is a lot for me. I will continue to get stronger and stronger as I work my way through the New Rules of Lifting for Women workout program.

  • Saturday, 7/6/2013 – Rest

I spent all day working around the house and on my blog. My plan was to finish up all of my stuff and then hit the treadmill for my planned 3 mile run. The day just got away from me.

  • Sunday, 7/7/2013 – Yoga
    • Yoga at the Trop – 1 hour


On Sunday morning, I participated in the Yoga at the Trop event before the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. It was a seriously fabulous class. The teacher was a lot of fun and very energetic. Oh and she found a way to bring baseball into the practice. {I will be posting more pictures and full recap later this week.} Unfortunately, I ran out of time to get in my planned 4 mile run for the day.

How did your workouts go last week? Do you get a case of Mondays?


  1. says

    I used to squat and deadlift pretty heavy (squat 150, deadlift 190 – was working for 200) but now that I’m half marathon training my run coach told me to cut down on heavy lifting.

    For the last couple of weeks I’ve done 60lb squats and 100lb deadlifts with more reps than I used to.

    I see that you also squat 60lbs – do you always do 60lbs? Do you sometimes do less or more? I feel odd sticking with the same weight every week, though I have noticed that my legs are much less tired/sore when I go running which is nice.

    • says

      That is an interesting question because there are so many different schools of thought. Honestly, I believe that strength training is very important for overall health and running. Upper body and core strength are often times just as important as lower body strength for runners. The track coach for the US Olympic Track and Field team told me that. I also truly believe that women should lift heavy weights for fewer reps to gain strength and power. I don’t believe that women have enough testosterone to “bulk up” like men though.

      That being said, I try to avoid lifting ridiculously heavy weights with my legs when I am training for a long distance race. I do like to challenge myself so if I feel that 60 lbs. has become routine for my legs than I will increase the weight (but decrease the reps). It is a balancing act but my goal is to become stronger and faster. Strength training will help me with both of those things. Last year when I was seriously lifting weights, my average pace was about 3 minutes a mile faster than it is right now. That is the main reason I know that strength training and lifting heavy weights is very important for running.

      I hope this helps. Figure out what your fitness goals are and then talk to your coach. She should be able to help you figure your long term training plan. Since you are training for your first half marathon, I would stick away from the heavy weight lifting but I wouldn’t give up weight lifting altogether. Your main goal should to feel strong when you cross that finish line. After your first one, your body will know how to respond to the stress so you will be able to add heavier weights back into your routine.

      • says

        WOW, I am so surprised to hear that your mile time was 3 minutes faster when lifting heavy. Since I stopped lifting heavy a couple weeks ago my mile time has decreased by 1 minute which I was attributing to the fact that I’m running on fresher legs.

        For now I guess I’m going to stick with squats in the 60lb range and deadlifts in the 100lb range. I’ll build back up after the half marathon. I’ll continue to lift heavy and make gains on my upper body lifts though!

        Thanks for the insight :)