Washington DC Adventures: Day 1

At the end of April, my boyfriend and I headed up to Washington DC for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. This blog post is the first one about our adventures.

Traveling, Georgetown and Open City

On Thursday night, we stayed up late packing, checking and double checking to make sure we had everything we would need for our trip to DC. I was a little incredibly nervous and excited about the trip. It was the first time that I was traveling outside of Florida for a race. By staying in my home state, I have always felt secure about my races because we had a car. If I ever forgot something, we could go in search of a store and I could get what I needed. This trip I wouldn’t have a car and would be relying entirely on the metro system and our own two feet.

Waiting in the TPA Airport

We woke up on Friday morning and leisurely went about our morning rituals. Around 9:30, we were ready to be on our way. We stopped at our favorite breakfast to make sure we were ready for a long day of traveling. I always forget to take pictures of my food at The Lucky Dill Deli but I can assure that the food is delicious. After breakfast, we headed straight to the airport. We ended up being a few hours early but it is always better to be early when flying.

Pre-flight Coffee

On the Plane

By 2:30, we were on the plane and ready for take-off. Our flight was pretty much uneventful (thankfully). I snacked on some complimentary chips while reading a book (Foodist) and drank a soda. I am not usually a soda drinker but it helps settle my stomach and nerves whenever I fly.

In Flight Snacks (1)

In Flight Snacks (2)

We landed just before 5 and immediately headed for the metro station. This is when our trip really started. We purchased ‘weekly short trip’ metro passes and hopped on the Blue Line to the Foggy Bottom station. On the plane, we decided that we would go straight to the Expotique and Nike Georgetown store before going to the hotel. Nike released their Tiffany blue special edition shoes on Thursday evening and I really, really, really wanted a pair. A twitter friend (Thanks Becca!) informed me that the Nike Georgetown store still had the shoes on Friday afternoon.

Landing in DC

The bad thing about our plan is that we still had our suitcases with us and the Expotique/Nike Georgetown store weren’t exactly close to a metro station. With suitcases in tow, we left the Foggy Bottom station and made our way to the Georgetown waterfront area. The walk wasn’t too bad but it certainly wasn’t easy with our luggage. Once we made it over to the Waterfront area, I decided to go ahead pick up my race packet. I am super glad I did because the lines on Saturday afternoon were really bad. {More on the Expotique in my next post.}

NWM Packet Pick Up

With packet in hand, we walked the two blocks north to the Nike Georgetown Store. As we approached the store, I saw a giant wall with the “We Run DC” logo on it. Then I noticed that people actually had their nose pressed up against trying to find their names. I immediately started figuring out the pattern so I could find my name.

NWM Name Wall (1)

NWM Name Wall (2)

NWM Nike Georgetown Store (1)

The store was a MAD HOUSE inside! As soon as I entered, I walked straight up to an employer and asked “Do you still have the shoes?” No joke. I was on a mission. Thankfully, the employee said yes and that I needed to head over to the shoe area to get my pair. From my twitter feed, I knew that the shoes were a little smaller so I asked an employee for a half size up. They fit perfectly and are absolutely beautiful!

NWM Nike Tiffany Blue Shoes

Before leaving the store, I picked up some other official race merchandise. I really love the logo of this race. We didn’t stay very long though. Instead of dragging out suitcases back to the metro station, we grabbed a cab to take us to the hotel. For this trip, we stayed at the Washington Marriot Wardman Park located in the Woodley Park area. After we got settled in, my boyfriend and I browsed Yelp to find some local eateries for dinner. Finally, we decided on Open City.

Open City (1)

Open City Menu

By the time we sat down for dinner, we were STARVING. We hadn’t really eaten anything since breakfast so we were very ready for some delicious eats. All the reviews said that the coffee was delicious here. My boyfriend ordered a cup of coffee. I decided to try the loose leaf tea.

Open City Loose Leaf Tea

We went with the Applewood Bacon & Spinach Dip with chips. The dip was excellent! It was rich, creamy, cheesy and loaded with bacon. The dish comes with either chips or housemade flatbread. I think the crispiness of the chips was a perfect compliment to the dip. I would have loved to try the flatbread though.

Open City Bacon and Artichoke Dip

For dinner, I went with the Baked Penne. My original choice was the Mushroom Gnocchi but they were out of that dish unfortunately. The penne was a great second choice! It was filled with arugula, mushrooms and onion then topped with mozzarella, provolone and pecorino cheeses. With a race in a few days, this dish was a fantastic way to carbo-load.

Open City Baked Penne

My boyfriend went with the Roast Chicken. The spices and herb really flavored the chicken. It was moist and juicy, which is the way a roasted chicken should be. The dish was served with a mixed green salad and an interesting quinoa dish. I think I am going to try a replicate it in some way.

Open City Roast Chicken

Open City on Urbanspoon

After dinner, we walked around a little before heading back to our hotel room. It didn’t take very long for us to fall fast asleep. A long day of traveling, fending off crazy women in need of shoes and finding a delicious place to eat really took a lot out us.


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    The shoes are BEAUTIFUL! I would have been on a serious mission to get them too :) And that food looks so, so amazing. I can’t wait to read your race recap. I am definitely going to try and get into this race for next year and coming from Florida too, I’m interested in your take on the course!

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      I am hoping to have my race recap posted later this week. It was such a wonderful weekend. The course was a little bit hillier than I expected but it wasn’t unmanageable for a Floridian. :)

    • says

      Open City was absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to DC. They put animal crackers with the coffee too. I thought it was a cute touch.