Scenes from the Weekend: Baseball and Brunch

Hey guys! How was your weekend? I got to attend a few really fun events and wanted to share some pictures with you.

Rays Fan Fest on Saturday

On Saturday morning, I met my dad at Tropicana Field for this year’s Ray Fan Fest.


I am a huge baseball fan and look forward to the day when players report to spring training each year. Growing up, I was an Atlanta Braves fan because they were the “hometown” team. (No, the Marlins don’t count.) I remember watching games on TBS with my dad. In 1998, the Tampa Bay Rays (then Devil Rays) came to town. Since that season, my father and I have been avid fans. We don’t go to a ton of games but we love watching the games on TV.


David Price’s 2012 Cy Young Award

Rays Fan Fest is held every year the weekend before the players report for Spring Training. It is a chance for fans to get the newest merchandise, purchase game tickets and get player autographs. The Rays use this event as a way to get fans excited about the season and as a fundraiser for their charity organizations.



Second Baseman Sean Rodriguez


Sunday Brunch at Mangroves

On Sunday, I headed over the Mangroves in South Tampa. I lived in that area for more than four years and never had the opportunity to check it out. Mangroves has added a Sunday brunch menu to the dinner and cocktail menu. I was invited to check out the new menu with a bunch of other bloggers from the area.


When I arrived, I was offered my choice of a Bloody Mary or Mimosa. I chose the Bloody Mary because I wanted something spicy. The mix that the bartender used had the right amount of spiciness for me. My boyfriend would have wanted more though. He likes his extra spicy though.

Mangroves Bloody Mary

The food was served family style so everything was brought out on large platters and passed around. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try all of the items brought but what I did try was very delicious.

The first thing I tried was the Truffle Scrambled Eggs, which is scrambled eggs infused with truffles, served in a phyllo cup and topped with tobiko (flying fish roe). The truffle flavor was very apparent in this dish and gave the eggs a unique flavor. It reminded me of the chocolate truffles I love to eat. I also thought it was a unique twist to the put the eggs in a phyllo cup and that the dough balanced the flavor of the truffle very well.

Mangroves Truffled Scrambled Eggs

The other dish I tried was the Huevos Rancheros, which is poached eggs in a spicy tomato broth with onions, peppers and sausage and served on top of a corn tortilla quesadilla. The egg was perfectly poached and the quesadilla was a great compliment to the flavors. I think the sauce could have been a little bit spicier though but that is just me.


The other dishes looked absolutely amazing. I wish I would have had a chance to try the Eggs Benedict and the Chicken and Bacon Waffles. Eggs Benedict is by far my favorite breakfast item and this one is served on top of a brioche roll. I have never tried chicken and waffles (a crime, I know) but these waffles have bacon in them and a spicy maple syrup!
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How was your weekend? Are you a baseball fan? What is your favorite breakfast item?


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      I seriously LOVE pancakes! I don’t think I have them in my life enough. Over the weekend, I had red velvet pancakes with a cream cheese frosting. They weren’t healthy but they were delicious! :)