The Day Before My First Marathon

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When I woke up on Saturday morning, my nerves instantly kicked in. I was less than 24 hours from the starting line of my first full marathon! Somehow my boyfriend managed to get me packed, showered and ready to head s Aback to Walt Disney World. During the car ride, I was jumbled bag of nervous energy.


As we drove under the entrance gate, a giddy excitement came over me. I really was less than 24 hours from my first full marathon. Since we had stopped by the Expo the day before, we were able to head straight to the resort, Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.


The orange cones were still in place from the morning’s half marathon. It brought back memories of last year’s Walt Disney World Half Marathon and I knew that I would be seeing them again during the full marathon.


When we arrived at the hotel, our room was ready for us so we dropped off our bags. We settled into the room and then over to the Magic Kingdom. I wanted to walk around a little bit and my boyfriend really wanted a citrus swirl. The Magic Kingdom was PACKED on Christmas so he wasn’t able to get one that day.


After his craving was satisfied, we wandered around the park a little bit more before going back to the hotel. Our dinner reservations weren’t until 6:35 so we had some time to kill. When we got back to the room to relax, my nerves really kicked into high gear. I am always so nervous about doing things that are really outside of my comfort zone. Around 6, we started getting ready for dinner.

A few days ago, I decided to make reservations at The Wave of American Flavors for dinner. I really enjoyed it the last time I came and I wanted to have a fantastic dinner the night before my big race. The location of the restaurant was perfect because it is in the Contemporary, which means we could walk there and back. We checked in at the hostess station and didn’t have to wait long before we were sat. Our server brought out some multigrain bread and butter with Hawaiian sea salt.

Multigrain BreadButter with Hawaiian Sea Salt

After ordering drinks (water for me of course), our server suggested that we try the appetizer for two. It came with two fish tacos and two crab and shrimp cakes. The crab and shrimp cakes were definitely more meat than anything else and had a wonderful blend of seasonings. The fish tacos were paired with three unique garnishes that provided a unique spin on classic taco toppings. The garnishes were lime sorbet, pico de gallo sorbet and avocado gelato.They were really helped to “cool” the spiciness of the fish tacos.

Lump Crab Florida Rock Shrimp CakesSustainable Fish TacosAvocado Gelato, Pico de Gallo Sorbet and Lime Sorbet

For dinner, I decided to try the pork tenderloin because it sounded like the blandest dish on the menu. I love flavor and spice but not the night before a really big race. It turned out to be an excellent choice and didn’t lack in flavor at all! The pork tenderloin was cooked to a perfect medium in an apple brine. It was served with caramelized onion and goat cheese polenta, which reminded me of super creamy cheese grits.

Locally-sourced Thomson Farms Pork Tenderloin

My boyfriend chose the flat iron steak for dinner. The steak was marinated in a chili sauce and cooked to a perfect medium temperature. It was paired with udon noodles that were tossed in a sweet and sour sauce. He also ordered a side of the three-potato hash. His meal was very delicious and was really well prepared. The hash reminded me of breakfast potatoes and consisted of sweet, red and yellow potatoes.

Chili Marinated Flat Iron SteakThree-Potato Hash

When we finished dinner, we decided to try one of the dessert combinations. It certainly didn’t help seeing several trays of them walk by our table. We decided to try the Creamy Indulgence trio, which turned out to be a very accurate description of the three desserts. It came with a Butterscotch Crème Brule with an Espresso Macaroon, a New York Cheesecake with an Apple-Cranberry Compote, and an Olive Oil-infused Chocolate Truffle Mousse with Salted Caramel Sauce. These desserts were all amazing!

Butterscotch Creme BruleeNew York CheesecakeOlive Oil-Infused Chocolate Truffle Mousse

After we were sufficiently full, we headed back to the room to relax and get to be early. We both had crazy early wake up calls. I was running my first full marathon and he going to spectate!


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    I have SUCH admiration to anyone that can run a full marathon. I am finally giving into my fears and doing a half this year but deep down I have the itch BIG time to do a full. My problem is I have two young boys, so fitting in training is impossible. Anyways just started blogging my journey for a healthier lifestyle, so I’m finding everyone’s blogs so interesting and helpful! Good luck!