My WDW Marathon Thoughts and Goals

My original plan for today’s post was to continue catching up on either my Birthday Cruise or Wine and Dine Weekend but I just can’t do it. In less than 72 hours, I will be a marathoner … hopefully …and to be honest with you I am freaking out!

My thoughts this week (especially today) have been disjointed and not very cohesive. My productivity has down because the only thoughts running through my head are related to the Walt Disney World Marathon! I decided that I needed to share my nervous energy with all of you in hopes that my nerves and anxiety will subside.

My Marathon Goals

One of my favorite bloggers always writes about her goals for marathons and she always sets three of them. Here are my goals for Sunday’s race:

  • Goal A: Sub 5:30 (12:36 pace)
  • Goal B: Sub 5:45 (13:10 pace)
  • Goal C: FINISH (Sub 6:00 – 13:45 pace)

WDW Marathon Medal

This is my very first full marathon so my primary goal is to cross the finish line. If I don’t do anything else on Sunday, I want to do that. I want to leave everything that I have out there and prove to myself that I can be a marathoner. In my dream world, I would have trained HARD for this race and been able to achieve my Sub 5:00 run but I know that isn’t going to happen. I didn’t train hard at all. My training was intermittent and just finishing would be an accomplishment.

My training runs have been going alright and if everything holds up on Sunday then I should be able to maintain an average pace of 13:00 minutes per mile. If that happens, then I should be able to achieve my secondary goal of Sub 5:45. My biggest fear is that my 18 mile training run was far from perfect and really took a lot out of me. I am also really worried about the weather.

If the stars align and everything goes fabulous, then my dream goal of Sub 5:30 may just very well happen. I am not expecting this to be a reality but honestly crazier things have happened to me. I know that some day (maybe next year) I will run a Sub 5 marathon but right now I would LOVE to see a 5:30:XX or less on race day. If that doesn’t happen, I won’t be upset because I will still be a marathoner.

My Marathon Thoughts

Right now, my thoughts about the race are centered around the awful running weather that we are having here in the Sunshine State. I get it. I live in Florida and that means that sunshine and warmth are typical daily occurrences. However, we still have cold days! My father has actually seen snow while living in the Tampa Bay Area! I am not asking for snow just cooler temperatures!

WDW Marathon Weather

To combat the heat, I have been drinking water like a mad woman all week. I could probably float across the finish line. I also purchased a CamelBak hydration back pack. I know that I am not supposed to do anything new on race day but I don’t really have a choice on this one. I need water and I want to make sure I have enough.

I am also worried that I haven’t trained hard enough for this race. Like I said earlier, I am petrified that I won’t cross the finish line. I really want this and that has been my driving force. I just don’t know what to expect during the race. I don’t know anything about racing marathons. I have done 6 half marathons so I know that I can do it. I don’t know positively that I can run a marathon and that scares me.

All of that being said, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram all weekend because I will be sharing a ton of stuff. I will attending the #WDWMarathonMeetUp tomorrow and then heading to the Expo.


  1. Debbie B. says

    Having signed up for my first marathon in June, I am feeling your fears already. I am using the mantra “life is a journey, live in the present, enjoy the moment”. Most of my fears just come cause I worry about the future and if I focus on the present I do so much better. So when you are running, enjoy the scenery, other runners, and crowd. If you find a lull, take the moment to focus on breathing, form, ect. I know you will rock this marathon. You have the strength to do this. Believe in yourself

  2. says

    I know this is easier said then done but try not to stress. Your wasting energy. I have done this for two marathons. And as I look back this is the one thing I would change. You trained more than I did so trust that you will cross finish line and do your best. Good luck girlie! Can’t wait to hear all about it. :-)