After the Marathon and Breakfast at Kouzzina

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On the monorail ride back to the hotel, I spent some time talking to some of the other finishers. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was really affected by the heat and humidity. I also got some great advice about training plans for Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge. Yes, I really am going to tackle that experience one day. I will probably wait until 2015 for the anniversary bling though. I have a thing for runDisney‘s anniversary medals!


As I hobbled from the monorail station in the Contemporary to our room in Bay Lake Tower, I decided that I really needed to eat something substantial. My boyfriend headed off to the Contempo Café for some food and I continued hobbling. He figured we would probably end up at the room around the same time. He grabbed a chicken flatbread pizza for me to eat.


As I started getting cleaned up, I realized that my plan of attending the Cool Down Party in Downtown Disney was probably not going to happen. I was so incredibly sore and my big toenail was throbbing! I have never lost a toenail so I had no idea why it felt so weird or why it was bothering me so much. We decided to just relax in the hotel and order room service for dinner. I was still craving pizza so we ordered a mushroom and bacon pizza.


The pizza totally hit the spot and I ate three slices! We were both so exhausted that it didn’t take us very long to fall asleep after eating dinner.


When I woke up the next morning, I could barely move. My legs hurt, my feet hated me and my big toenail was not pleased at all. Somehow, I managed to get out of bed, shower and pack up my things in time to make our breakfast reservations. I decided to wear my medal and “I Did It!” shirt the entire day because I was proud of everything I went through to earn it.


When I made our dinner reservations at The Wave, I also made reservations for breakfast at Kouzzina by Cat Cora.


Every time my boyfriend and I are near Disney’s Boardwalk, we always try to eat at Kouzzina but the wait time is always really long. I decided that I would actually make reservations this trip so we wouldn’t have to worry about the wait time.


My soreness and inability to walk normally caused us to be a little bit late. My boyfriend dropped me off at the front so I could check us in while he parked the car. We didn’t have to wait very long at all for our table. When they sat us right near the open kitchen, my boyfriend jokingly said they must know who I am since it was the perfect spot to take pictures of everything.


Kouzzina is a Mediterranean inspired restaurant and the interior really reflected that. The exposed brick walls, rich wood colors and faux finish on the walls reminded me of the pictures I have seen of Mediterranean buildings. Walt Disney World always does such a wonderful job when it comes to décor.


Post marathon hunger is no joke! As I looked over the menu, I literally wanted to order one of everything just for myself. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to inhale eggs, waffles or French toast. I really considered ordering two dishes. I finally settled on the Country French Toast with chicken sausage and added two eggs on the side.

Country French Toast from Kouzzina0114_AfterWDW-7013_blog

The French toast was made from a grilled fig and anise bread and topped with an apple-fig compote. It was amazing! The compote provided enough sweetness that I didn’t need to add any syrup. Of course, my hunger level was through the roof so I could have eaten another portion entirely but I resisted.

My boyfriend.decided to try the Breakfast Skillet, which came with eggs, peppers, bacon, onions, potatoes, and Greek cheese and was topped with arugula. The flavors of this dish worked incredibly well together. I think he noticed that I was eyeing his food because he finished it rather quickly.

Breakfast Skillet from Kouzzina

After breakfast, we headed over to one of Orlando’s outlet malls to check out a few stores. I wanted to walk around as much as possible to help break up the lactic acid and he was interested in purchasing a new pair of shoes. Then we said goodbye to Orlando and Walt Disney World for a few weeks. It really was an amazing weekend!

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  1. Michelle says

    Congrats on finishing the marathon! We’ve always wanted to try Kouzzina but never seem to make it there early enough for breakfast. These pics have me changing my mind on that. The food looks wonderful!

    • says

      Thanks Michelle! The food was amazing!! I think we might try to eat there for dinner one night during the Princess Race Weekend.

      • says

        You definitely should, R! I ate there last year for dinner during Princess Half weekend, I really loved it! My friend April I was traveling with is on a gluten free diet and they were able to bring her GF pita bread! We couldn’t have had a better experience 😀

  2. says

    Congrats on finishing the marathon! One of my favorite things about Disney races is that it is totally normal to wear your medal around the parks for the next several days :) You definitely earn the right to do that!

    I also stayed at the Contemporary resort during marathon weekend. We made a lot of stops by the Contempo Cafe!

    • says

      Thanks Krissy! I love eating pizza a few hours after a big race. It always seems to do a good job of making my post-race hunger go away. :)