Yelp’s Ugliest Sweater Party at Domani Bistro Lounge

On Wednesday night, my boyfriend and I went to our first Holiday Party this year. Every now and then, our friends at Yelp host Community Manager Yelp Events (CMYE) and December’s theme was The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Party. My boyfriend picked me up from work and we headed over to Domani Bistro Lounge.


The evening was said to be a low-key event with hors d’oeuvres, drink specials and a create your own s’mores bar. Even though neither one of us had an “ugly sweater” to wear, we decided to go and just wear regular sweaters. How could we miss a create your own s’mores bar?!?


We arrived at Domani’s a little after 6 pm and headed to lounge area of the restaurant where the Yelpers were meeting. I immediately fell in love with Brett’s outfit. He really did embrace the “ugly sweater” theme for the party.


My boyfriend and I decided to try out the s’mores bar first. I absolutely loved the concept. Brett literally had every possible flavor of marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker one could imagine. Coconut marshmallows anyone?


We also some ordered the red wine sangria, which was delicious!


The hors d’oeurves selection included red seedless grapes covered in brie cheese, pistachios and a red wine reduction, toasted goat cheese caponata and smoked salmon with crème fraiche on a foccacia. Each of these is available as an appetizer. We really liked the grapes and goat cheese caponata.

Red Grapes with Brie and PistachiosToasted Goat Cheese CaponataSmoked Salmon with Creme Fraiche and Foccacia

While we were enjoying ourselves, we decided to order dinner. We weren’t terribly hungry but we also had to try some of the other amazing things on the menu. Eventually we decided to share the Guinness and Gruyere soup and the Risotto.

Guinness and Gruyere Soup

The soup was absolutely amazing! I have had beer cheese soups before and this one is by far the best one. The flavors started off with richness of the gruyere cheese and then finished with a subtle hint of Guinness. Plus, it is garnished with bacon!

Crab and Asparagus Risotto with Mascarpone

The risotto was also delicious but we both agreed that the soup was our favorite dish. It was made with crab meat, asparagus, mascarpone cheese and lemon zest. While all of the flavors went really well together, we wanted more of the crab meat and the asparagus. The mascarpone cheese made a really creamy sauce for the risotto.

The party was a wonderful evening out and we both enjoyed ourselves. The food was delicious and I can’t wait for us to go there again! There are some delicious sounding items on that menu that I really want to try.