2012 Birthday Cruise Day 2

Cruise Port No. 1: Nassau, The Bahamas – 12/2/2012

Just in case you missed it, here is the recap from Embarkation Day.

When we woke up this morning, my boyfriend and I decided to head straight to the ship’s fitness center. We had made each other a promise to go there at least 3 times during the week. The ship hadn’t docked yet so we had plenty of time to hit the treadmills before grabbing breakfast. We both knocked out a 5k (he walked while I ran).


After we got cleaned up, we headed out to the Lido deck to grab some breakfast from the buffet. By this time, the Carnival Dream was docked at the first port of the cruise: Nassau. We weren’t terribly excited by this port because both of us have been here before. Our plan for the day was to find the Starbucks and enjoy a leisurely day.


As soon as we got off the ship (and made our way through the security check points), we were bombarded with people trying to get to ride in their taxi or trying to braid my hair or trying to sell us their goods. It was a bit overwhelming for me but my boyfriend just breezed right through them. Eventually, we decided to take a taxi over to Paradise Island to check out the Atlantis Resort.


The short taxi drive was very interesting to say the least. Our driver told us all sorts of information about the city and even provided us with traveling advice. When we were dropped off at the Atlantis Resort, my boyfriend asked where the Starbucks was and the driver gladly pointed it out. We headed straight over to get a delicious cup of coffee!


While we sat outside the Starbucks, we took in our surroundings. The vibrant colors of the Caribbean islands have always intrigued me. We wandering back over to the Atlantis Resort and decided to see what the hype was all about. We were a little disappointed to find out that we needed to pay to walk around the outside of the resort. I am sure it is beautiful though. I loved all of the decorations around the resort though.


After we wandered around the resort, we grabbed a taxi back to the cruise terminal. We weren’t going to get back on the ship just yet but we wanted to wander around that part of the city. Lucky for us, we spotted a Harley-Davidson shop so my boyfriend could find a new shirt to add to his collection.


We made our way back to the ship to find some lunch and to get ready for the departure. We headed back up to the Lido Deck to grab lunch from the buffet. Fortunately for us, the buffet wasn’t closed yet. We hoped in the “make-your-own” burrito line and ended up with two delicious burritos.


After lunch, we decided to participate in some of the ship’s activities. My boyfriend wanted to see how he would do at the Sound Bite Trivia game. He was still eating lunch after that game was finished so I got volunteered to play Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt. The game required me to find objects around the ship and beat the other contestants back to the chairs. Guess what?


I WON! I had to find a map of the ship, an umbrella, a cell phone, take a picture of masks with it, and toilet paper. It was a good thing I knew my way around the ship or else I may not have won my very own “gold plated plastic vessel on a trestle!” My boyfriend was laughing at me the entire time.


While we were playing games, the ship left Nassau and started heading towards St. Thomas. We headed back up to the Lido Deck to enjoy the beautiful weather and to enjoy some delicious beverages from the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar. My boyfriend had the giant can of Foster’s and I had a margarita.


While we were enjoying our drinks, the ship really started rocking and rolling but not in a good way. There was a really strong wind that was blowing across the ship causing the whole ship to really move. My motion sickness kicked into high gear. I decided to go lay down while my boyfriend went to the Cloud 9 Spa to relax. I really wanted to be able to enjoy the first elegant evening of the cruise.

Tonight’s dinner was the first of two elegant evenings. I still wasn’t feeling well but I was also hungry. When my boyfriend came back from the spa, we quickly changed for dinner. As an appetizer, I order the pumpkin soup and my boyfriend ordered the stuffed mushrooms. Both dishes were delicious!

Cruise Day 2 - Pumpkin SoupCruise Day 2 - Stuffed Mushrooms

For dinner, we both ordered the lobster tail with shrimp. My boyfriend also ordered the prime rub but I completely forgot to take a picture of it. The lobster tail came with parmesan roasted broccoli and mashed potatoes. It was amazing!

Cruise Day 2 - Lobster Tail

We weren’t really hungry but I convinced him to order dessert. I chose the black cherry compote with vanilla ice cream. He picked the diet banana cake. Every night, there is always a “diet” dessert of some kind on the menu, which means it is made with less sugar.

Cruise Day 2 - Black Cherry CompoteCruise Day 2 - Diet Banana Cake

After dinner, we went up to the casino for a little bit. My boyfriend loves playing roulette and I have fun with the quarter machine. There is actually a very funny story from last year’s cruise about me and the quarter machine. We also went to the Punchliner Comedy Club and saw John Wesley Austin. He was hilarious! Eventually we made it back up to our stateroom and found our nightly towel animal.


Is it just me or does that dog look like it is seductively positioned?

Next up is our first Fun Day at Sea!