Why I run …

Whenever I start to get mentally ready for race weekends, I tend to think about all of the reasons why I run. Running does come naturally for me. I am not a fast runner but that doesn’t stop me from lacing up my shoes and pounding the pavement. Growing up, I never, ever wanted to run. I wanted to swim and despised my coach for having us run a mile before practice started. It didn’t help that running was hard for me back then. After years of little to no exercise, I decided to start running because I couldn’t stand the way I looked in a bathing suit. I wanted to get in shape for swimming and saw running as the only way for me to do that. Eventually, I fell in love with running and didn’t think about swimming except as a way of cross training.

Everyone has a different reason to run. Running is a very personal experience. It is a personal journey that is as unique as the person wearing the running shoes. Whether it is to lose weight, relive stress, or challenge your body, the reason why you choose to run is a personal one. That is one of the reasons why I love running and the running community.

A few weeks ago, ZOOMA hosted their Great Lakes Half Marathon Race Weekend. Dimity, from Another Mother Runner, put together a truly inspirational video about why women at that race ran. Check it out:

So why do I run?

I run to be fit. I run to challenge my body and to prove to myself that I am an athlete. I run to get faster and to lose weight.  I run to relieve the stress of my work days. I run to escape everyday life and to have an hour to myself to just be. I run to eat pancakes (and not feel guilty about it). I run so that I can enjoy life and to be healthy. I run to be free!

So tell me, why do you run?

The wonderful ladies at ZOOMA shared this great video with me and I wanted to share it with you. Also, they are hosting giveaway on their blog for some awesome running shirts. Be sure to check it out before it ends on Wednesday, 11/14! Click here to enter.