WDW Marathon Training: Week 10


So I know that one of my goals for November is to write a new blog post every day. I haven’t been nearly as good as I would have liked on that goal. I was really hoping that I would have had more time last week to write but last week was so incredibly busy for me that I never really found the time. I spent the weekend at Walt Disney World and had an absolute blast. Of course, I also ran in two races. One of them was so much fun and the other one didn’t really go according to my plan. I also ended up with a head cold that is SO not part of my training schedule. This week I will catch you up on all of the fun from last week and try to get back on my daily posting schedule.

Last Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday, 11/5/2012 – Rest Day

After last week’s leg issues, I was really, really nervous about this week. I knew I would be running a lot and didn’t want to have anything to prevent me from cross the finish line. My races and training have not been where I want them to be. With much debate, I decided to take another day off from running and really give my body a chance to rest. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do but it is what I needed to do.

  • Tuesday, 11/6/2012 – Easy Run (3+ miles)
    • 3.13 miles, 42:05 miles, 13:25 min/mile avg. pace


To say that I was nervous about running tonight would be a complete understatement! My left shin was still acting up but it felt a million times better than it did last Thursday. I didn’t want to push myself at all tonight. I just wanted to run. Before I even got on the treadmill, I decided to go as slow as my sanity would allow. As the minutes ticked by, my leg felt better and better. To my relief, my leg survived a very easy 5k. It was a little sore afterwards but it was nothing compared to last week and I was grateful for that.

  • Wednesday, 11/7/2012 – Rest Day

Tonight’s workout consisted of eating, drinking and chatting with the Tampa Bay Lady Blogger’s Book Club. I didn’t quite finish this month’s book but that didn’t stop me from hanging out with my blogging friends. I will post a more detailed recap later this week.

  • Thursday, 11/8/2012 – Cross Training
    • Walking – 3 miles around Epcot


When I woke up this morning, I was thrilled that the pain in my left shin was gone! I was incredibly thankful that I would be able to really enjoy the weekend. My boyfriend and I packed our things for the long weekend at Walt Disney World. After checking in to our (first) hotel for the weekend, we met some friends over at Epcot for another round of fun at the International Food and Wine Festival. I took a bunch of pictures to share with you in a post later this week.

  • Friday, 11/9/2012 – Easy Run (1+ miles)
    • 1.63 miles, 20:13 minutes, 12:23 min/mile avg. pace


Last night, I set the hotel room alarm clock for 5:30 AM. I needed to wake up early for an awesome running experience with runDisney at Epcot. My alarm never went off! Thankfully, I was so excited (and nervous) that I woke up at 5:46 and had just enough time to get ready for my run. I met the Wine and Dine Meet Up group at Epcot for a nice easy run. The group run went really, really well. My legs loosened up nicely and I didn’t really have too much pain afterwards.

  • Saturday, 11/10/2012 – Long Run (16+ miles)
    • Jingle Jungle 5K – 3.10 miles, 35:49 minutes, 11:33 min/mile avg. pace
    • Wine and Dine Half Marathon – 13.10 miles, 2:57:48 (total time), 13:34 min/mile avg. pace


Today was the day I was really looking forward to (and secretly scared to death of). For the first time ever, I attempted to run two races in one day. My plan for the day was simple: take it easy and have fun! The first race (Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5K) went according to plan and I had an absolute blast. I loved running with my new friends. The second race didn’t go nearly as well as I was hoping for. I loved the race but was really disappointed with my effort. I will post my race recaps as soon as I get them finished.

  • Sunday, 11/12/2012 – Cross Training
    • Walking – 2 miles around Magic Kingdom


After a super lazy day, my boyfriend and I decided to wander around the Magic Kingdom. We walked from the hotel to the park and enjoyed the Holiday decorations. Since we are Annual Passholders now, we were able to preview the New Fantasyland expansion. This new area of the park is really awesome and I took a ton of pictures. I will post them as soon as I can.

Last Week’s Workout Totals:

  • Running – 21.00 miles
  • Cross Training – 2 workouts (240 minutes)
  • Strength Training – 0 workout (0 minutes)
  • Yoga – 0 classes

Holiday Challenge Totals:

  • Pile On The Miles:
    • Running – 21.0 miles
    • Walking – 5.0 miles
    • Total – 37.25 miles (out of 100 miles)

How did your workouts go last week?


  1. says

    You’re doing the right thing by listening to your body when it needs rest :) You still put down a very respectable amount of miles this week! Congrats on your 2race/1day achievement! I look forward to the recap of Wine & Dine!

  2. Sara Norman says

    I had a hard time this week myself. I just couldn’t get my motivation up. Part of that is because its 26 degrees here in Massachusetts so getting out of bed at 5am to run is DIFFICULT. My oh my do I miss Orlando nowadays! I have a plan to do yoga tomorrow, and 3 miles on Sunday. Then Monday push for the 15 miles my plan calls for. Wish me luck!