WDW Marathon Training: Week 9


Last week was not the week I wanted it to be. That sounds so dramatic but I have been struggling with shin splints for a couple of weeks now and they just won’t go away. Every time I think they are gone, something happens and they flare right up. Honestly, I am a little worried about how this weekend is going to go with so much running involved.

Last Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday, 10/29/2012 – Rest Day


Instead of working out, I headed over to the brand new Whole Foods Market in Carrollwood. They were hosting tours and I was invited to attend by a fellow Tampa Bay Lady Blogger. My boyfriend and I had a fantastic time checking out the new store.

  • Tuesday, 10/30/2012 – Easy Run (5 miles)
    • 5.00 miles, 1:03:23 (total time), 12:40 min/mile avg. pace


Tonight’s run went very well. I hoped on the treadmill and just ran. My goal for easy runs is to successfully run the entire distance with no walk breaks and feeling really strong afterwards. My pace has been slower than I would like it to be but I am really happy with the end results. For the last few weeks, I have been successful with my goals and that is more important than a slower pace. I am hoping that running a slower pace will help me avoid getting shin splints.

  • Wednesday, 10/31/2012 – Cross Training + Strength Training
    • Stationary Bike – 2.75 miles, 15:41 minutes
    • Nike Training Club – Ab Burner (Get Focused, 15 minutes)

When I got to the gym tonight, I was hoping to use the group classroom for one of my Nike Training Club workouts but that didn’t happen. I need to pay more attention to the class schedule so I will be able to do the workouts I want to do and not feel ridiculous. Anyway, I decided to make today’s workout a short and simple one because it is Halloween and I wanted to get home and pass out candy! I hoped on the bike for a short ride and then did a core workout from #NTC.

  • Thursday, 11/1/2012 – Tempo Run + Cross Training
    • 4.50 miles, 55:30 minutes, 12:19 min/mile avg. pace
    • Walking – 1.75 miles, 32:40 minutes


Tonight was just not my night! For this training cycle, I am trying to incorporate speed training by doing at least one tempo run or interval workout each week. Apparently every time I even think of adding in speed work, my shins decide to protest. After my one mile warm up, I picked up the pace to a little below my goal tempo pace. I was supposed to run 4 miles at a 10:38 pace. The first mile and a half I was able to run at an 11:04 pace. Then my left shin decided it had other plans. I tried to finish the 6 mile run at and easy but I couldn’t even do that. Finally, I just walked.

  • Friday, 11/2/2012 – Rest Day


After last night’s horrible run, I wasn’t ready to go back to the gym for another round of torture. My boyfriend and I went out to dinner and I insisted on having dessert to drown my woes in chocolate. The triple chocolate bread pudding was totally worth every calorie because it made me forget about my shin splints.

  • Saturday, 11/3/2012 – Cross Training (?)
    • Walking – 5 miles, 2 hours


Today, my boyfriend woke up and said to me “I really want a Florida Citrus Swirl.” I thought he was joking and reassured him that we would be at Walt Disney World in less than a week. He informed me that he really wasn’t joking and really wanted a Florida Citrus Swirl. After we ran a few errands, we headed to Disney, spent the day wandering through the parks and had a few Florida Citrus Swirls (of course!). We walked a lot today!

  • Sunday, 11/4/2012 – Rest Day

I was supposed to run 14 miles this morning. Since I had already made plans to meet my family for breakfast, I knew that I would be running on the treadmill as long as my leg felt up to it. My leg never felt quite right today and since I am running two races next weekend I decided to cancel my long run. I am trying to determine the source of the shin splints so that I can get back on track with my marathon training schedule.

Last Week’s Workout Totals:

  • Running – 9.50 miles
  • Cross Training – 2 workouts (48:21 minutes)
  • Strength Training – 1 workout (135 minutes)
  • Yoga – 0 classes

Holiday Challenge Totals:

  • Pile On The Miles:
    • Running – 4.5 miles
    • Walking – 6.75 miles
    • Total – 11.25 miles (out of 100 miles)

How did your workouts go last week?