Kicking Off ZOOMA Training

On Saturday morning, Mary and I hosted our ZOOMA Florida Kick-off Fun Run with a fantastic group of ladies from around the Tampa Bay Area.


Friday was a really long day for me. After spending 8 hours taking a professional engineering exam, I was exhausted and a little worried that I would wake up in time for the group run. When my alarm went off at 5:15, I woke up without a problem and started getting ready. My goal for this morning’s group run was to log 6 miles so I made sure to eat a little breakfast to provide me with enough fuel for the run. My favorite breakfast lately has been two pumpkin spice waffles with peanut butter on top.


Before leaving the house, my boyfriend helped me load up the car with all of the goodies I had to pass out. Seriously, the folks at Muscle Milk hooked our group up with plenty of Muscle Milk and Cytomax. The ladies at ZOOMA also provided everyone with a tech shirt from one of their previous races.


Our group run was scheduled to meet at 7 AM in front of the Lululemon Store in Hyde Park Village. I was really excited to have a reason to run along my favorite running route again! When I arrived at our meeting location just before 7, many of the ladies who had RSVP’d were already there. Everyone introduced themselves before we discussed the distance everyone planned to run and the paces that everyone runs at. Mary was the fastest in our group so she decided to run by herself (she did just finish the Chicago Marathon in 3:35!). My pace was one of the slower ones so I brought up the back of the pack.


The sunrise along Bayshore Boulevard was absolutely gorgeous! Besides Mary and I, no one else in our group had ever run along this route before. I loved the fact that we were able to share one of our favorite routes with these wonderful ladies. Everyone in our group was running around 6 miles so the route we took was a simple out and back with gorgeous views of Tampa Bay and Downtown Tampa.


The weather was absolutely wonderful for our run. There was a breeze for the majority of the run and the temperature stayed pretty cool throughout. Normally, I run alone but not on Saturday. Debbie runs at my pace so we ran the entire 6 miles together and talked about everything under the sun. I know Debbie from the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers group so we had plenty to talk about. We made it back to the Lululemon Store and met up with the rest of the group.


[Back: Debbie, Me, Renee, and Julie Front Row: Winnie the dog, Mary, Katie, and Ashley]

Everyone grabbed their goodies before heading out. Some of them asked if we were going to be holding another group run. Mary and I agreed that we had such a good time that we would try to host another group run in the next month or so!

How was your weekend long run?

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