My Tower of Terror Running Costume

I need your help and fast! As you probably already know, this weekend is the Tower of Terror 10 Miler at Walt Disney World. Normally, I don’t wear costumes during my races. I usually just wear a regular running outfit and just enjoy the race. In fact, my racing outfits are always the exact same thing.

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After my last big race (the Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Petersburg Half Marathon), my boyfriend asked me to where something that would help me stand out so he could find me during the race. I guess wearing a white shirt and black pants is too common in a race. My first thought was to make sure I wear something that sparkles. I am not a huge fan of pick or neon but I can always find something in a color I do like that is sparkly.

A few months have gone since that race and I honestly hadn’t really thought much about my boyfriend’s request (sorry, honey!). So when I wrote about my fall/winter racing schedule a few weeks ago, I realized that I was running out of time to put something together for my upcoming runDisney race. Thankfully, Raw Threads started posting pictures of their new Glow in the Dark shirts showcasing classic Disney villains on their Facebook page. I figured that one of those shirts would be perfect with a sparkle skirt from Team Sparkle.



Since my favorite Disney princess is Snow White, I chose the Evil Queen shirt from Raw Threads. They didn’t offer originally but was thrilled to see it on their website. I also decided that a gold sparkle headband would be perfect as my “crown”. My problem is that I can’t figure out which color skirt I should wear!

Option 1: The Purple Skirt

My first choice is the purple sparkle skirt, which is based on the Evil Queen’s dress. I also picked my gray and pink Nike LunarGlides to go with it. (I don’t own a pair of purple running shoes.)

Evil Queen Costume Idea (1)

Option 2: The Red Skirt

My second choice is based on the poisoned apple that the Evil Queen gives to Snow White. I chose a red sparkle skirt and paired it with my red Nike Flyknits. (I still can’t believe I own a pair of red running shoes.)

Evil Queen Costume Idea (2)

Ok so which costume should I wear on Saturday?? Purple or Red?


  1. says

    I like the purple cause it’s very matchy, but the red is super flashy in that awesome kind of way. Plus – red shoes are pretty awesome!!!! So my vote is for red. 😉

  2. Lisa N. says

    I’ll be there too! AND I bought the same shirt from Raw Threads! My outfit won’t be as cute as yours though.

  3. says

    Purple is my favorite color so if it were me, that’s what I’d pick, but for you! If we’re trying to help the bf pick you out of a crowd, I think the red sparkly skirt and those AWESOME red shoes are the clear winners. Go with red!!

  4. Megan says

    #2 #2!! Either way I love it. I on the other hand will look ridiculous. Tried on my costume tonight. I look like a FOOL!