My June Goals

Changing up the way I approached my monthly goals in May really helped me feel better and like I accomplished more of what I set out to do. I think that the idea of simply trying to do more of something is better than eliminating something entirely. Kelly Olexa made a very interesting observation in her vlog the other day. By adding more of something in your life such as running, exercise or even water, then the unhealthy or bad habits will naturally find their way out of your life. This mentally is definitely the right way to approach making healthy changes and ensuring the longevity of a new habit.

With that in mind, I approached my monthly goals for June with the idea of adding more of the things I enjoy into my life. Hopefully, this will cause some of the not-so-healthy habits to leave. A girl can hope, right?

My June Goals:

1.  Run more. Since I am participating in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak, I am very hopeful that my mileage for the month of June will be back on pace for my upcoming marathon training. I have a few more things to consider and work out before I post it but I am hoping to share my marathon training plan with you guys sometime this month.


2.  Stretch more. As I get further into the Summer Running Streak, I am realizing that I need to really focus on stretching out my hips and hamstrings. I don’t want to become injured and not be able to train for the Walt Disney World Marathon because I didn’t do any preventative stretching. Inspired by Courtney’s June Yoga Challenge, I am going to attempt to practice yoga 3 times a week.


3.  Snap more. Did you honestly think I wasn’t going to be participating in the June Photo A Day Challenge from Fat Mum Slim? I am seriously in love with these photo challenges that she creates each month. They are creative, inspiring and thought-provoking. Besides they give me a chance to purposefully take a picture of something other than my food and workouts.


4.  Drink more. And no I do not mean alcohol. Lately, I have been really struggling with staying hydrated especially when I am running. I am just not drinking enough water and I need to correct that situation. My intention is to always have water readily available to drink. I would like to be drinking 96 oz. of water daily by the end of the month but for right now I am just focusing on drinking a little more each day.

5.  Read more. I know. I know. This goal is one of those ever constant goals for me. I get so caught up in work, blogging, social media and every other facet of my life that I forget to take the time to curl up and read a book. Reading is one of those activities that I love to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon or if I am having trouble falling asleep. I have a couple of books that have really struck my interest so hopefully I will be able to finish them as well as the other one I am reading.

What your goals for the month of June?


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    Love your approach to your goals this month! Mine are set to publish tomorrow I step at a time :)

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    I have very similar goals from my May goals and for June! I’m also doing the RW Running Streak so thats my motivation for running. I also need to read more and am challenging myself to read a book this month (not blogs, internet, or school books!). Good luck with your goals :)