Rays vs. Blue Jays

One of my favorites sports is baseball. I grew up watching the Atlanta Braves with my father every summer. We would go to Al Lang Field to watch the St. Petersburg Cardinals play. When the Tampa Bay area finally got our very own professional baseball team in 1997, my father and I became die-hard Devil Rays fans.


Since my boyfriend works at Tropicana  Field, we don’t get to attend very many baseball games during the regular season. Instead, we try to go to at least one spring training game each year so that we can be fans. Yesterday, we watched the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin.


Back in January when we were looking at what game we wanted to go to, this game worked out perfectly for us. It featured our favorite team (the Tampa Bay Rays). It was closer to us then Port Charlotte where the Rays have their spring home. Plus, my boyfriend actually played in this stadium during his little league days.


It has been an unseasonably warm spring and yesterday was no different. Unfortunately, our seats were not shaded … at all! Spring Training games in Florida definitely require sunscreen, which we applied liberally before leaving the car.


We arrived at the ballpark about 30 minutes before the game so we didn’t get to catch any batting practice. That also meant that I didn’t get any new autographs for my collection. Oh well. The national anthem was sung for both countries represented and then the game started at 1:05.


With Jeff Nieman on the mound and Jose Molina behind the plate, the Rays had a lineup ready to win the game. Unfortunately, the Blue Jays wanted the game just a little bit more than the Rays did though.


Even though our team didn’t win, we still had a great time at the ballpark. We ate lots of ice cream and drank tons of water. The ballpark was filled with both Rays fans and Blue Jays fans, which means there was definitely plenty of old fashioned heckling going on.


Hopefully, this year’s Spring Training season is NOT an indication of how the Rays will do during the regular season. They lost to the Blue Jays today 5-0, which brings their spring record to 3-9-3.

Do you like baseball? Who is your favorite team?