Iron Girl Half Marathon Training: Week 9

2012 Clearwater Banner Map

What an awful week!!! I spent the majority of the week just trying to breath through my nose. After Monday’s workout, I came down with the flu and didn’t start to feel better until Saturday.

Workout Schedule for last week:

  • Monday, 3/5/12 – NROLFW Stage 1B #9
    • Elliptical – 2.66 miles, 35:00 minutes
    • NROLFW Stage 1B #9

My last official workout for Stage 1 was tonight. I still can’t believe that it has been 8 weeks since I started seriously lifting weights. I really wanted to see what I could do with this AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workout to see how far I have come. I was very pleased with the results!

  • Tuesday, 3/6/12 – Easy Run (4 miles @ 11:56)
    • Sick Day 1

Yesterday, I started feeling sick when I woke up. I brushed it off thinking that maybe, just maybe, I was feeling ill because of the increase in pollen, which I am not allergic to, and the crazy weather that can’t make up its mind. I was wrong. When I woke up this morning, I felt like death warmed over. I couldn’t breathe through my nose or swallow. Lifting my head caused hurt like crazy. Working out was NOT going to happen.

  • Wednesday, 3/7/12 – Yoga
    • Sick Day 2

Still sick! At least, I felt good enough to go into work today. My head still throbbed so I figured trying to attempt any decent yoga practice was out of the question. Oh and I still couldn’t breathe out of my nose! It is very difficult to practice pranayama breathing when you can’t use your nose.

  • Thursday, 3/8/12 – Tempo Run (Warm Up, 5 miles @ 10:32, Cool Down)
    • Sick Day 3

Today was really frustrating. I wanted to run so badly but I still couldn’t breathe through my nose and the addition of coughing really put a damper on my plans. I don’t like sitting idle for so long. I started to worry that I would never reach my goal of a sub 2:20 half marathon.

  • Friday, 3/9/12 – Easy Run (4 miles @ 11:56)
    • Sick Day 4

When I woke up this morning, I still felt miserable but significantly better than I did on Tuesday. An early morning coughing fit made the decision for me: no running today. Thankfully, I felt fantastic by the end of the day. I decided to try my luck with a morning yoga class.

  • Saturday, 3/10/12 – Rest

I can’t tell you how awesome it felt to attend this class! The teacher really created a positive energy throughout the entire class. I was doing poses comfortably that I haven’t done in a long time. Seriously, I was completely balanced and not wobbly during half moon pose, which is no joke if you don’t practice it regularly. I can’t wait to attend another class at the store.

  • Sunday, 3/11/12 – Long Run (10 miles @ 11:56)
    • 5.54 miles, 1:05:17 (Total Time), 11:47 min/mile avg. pace, 161 BPM avg. HR
    • Yoga – Sun Salutation A (6 times, 12:00 minutes)


For the first time since Monday, I worked out and really pushed myself. My training schedule had a 10 mile run on tap for today but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do that since I hadn’t run since the Gasparilla Distance Classic last Saturday. I wanted to try though and I ended up running just a little more than half of that. It felt good to run but my right hip really started to bother me just before I hit the 3 mile mark so I decided to head back. I finally got the chance to rock my newest race shirt during my run!


Workout Schedule for next week:

  • Monday, 3/12/12 – NROLFW Stage 2A #1
  • Tuesday, 3/13/12 – Easy Run (3 miles @ 11:56)
  • Wednesday, 3/14/12 – Easy Run (3 miles @ 11:56) + NROLFW Stage 2B #1
  • Thursday, 3/15/12 – Speed Work (Warm Up, 4×1600 @ 9:46, Cool Down)
  • Friday, 3/16/12 – Easy Run (3 miles @ 11:56) + NROLFW Stage 2A #2
  • Saturday, 3/17/12 – Rest
  • Sunday, 3/18/12 – Long Run (10 miles @ 11:56)