Iron Girl Half Marathon Training: Week 8

2012 Clearwater Banner Map

Last week didn’t go as planned but training schedules have built in buffers to accommodate that. Hopefully, I can get back on track and really make strong push over the next seven weeks. That sub 2:20 half marathon is all mine!!!

Workout Schedule for last week:

  • Monday, 2/27/12 – NROLFW Stage 1A #8
    • Elliptical – 2.56 miles, 30 minutes
    • NROLFW Stage 1A #8 – 37 minutes

After a great weekend at the beach, I was definitely ready to get back into my normal routine. Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about going into the office today because I was able to be super productive and get today’s workout in. Since this strength training workout was the last time through Workout A with multiple sets, I made sure to really push myself. I didn’t increase my weights but I did make sure to focus on my form and technique.

  • Tuesday, 2/28/12 – Easy Run (5 miles @ 12:11)
    • Rest

Honestly, I was petrified of running today. Me, the girl who loves running, was scared of my scheduled run. My fear probably stemmed from my week of running last week. It didn’t help that I left work late and didn’t home early enough to run outside. I tried to run on the treadmills in my fitness center but they were taken up. I decided to run in the dark but my Garmin was almost dead.

  • Wednesday, 2/29/12 – Easy Run (4 miles @ 12:11) + NROLFW Stage 1B #8
    • 4.00 miles, 44:27 minutes, 11:07 min/mile avg. pace, 164 BPM avg. HR
    • NROLFW Stage 1B #8


It felt AMAZING to run tonight! I was determined to leave work on time because I really wanted to run outside before the sun went down. After my run, I did my strength training workout, which marked the last time through Workout B with multiple sets. I ended increasing my weights of a few of the exercises, which really made me happy.

  • Thursday, 3/1/12 – Easy Run (4 miles @ 12:11)
    • Rest

Four easy miles, right? Wrong! I tried to wake up early enough to run before work, I knew it was going to be a long day and I would probably have to stay late. When my alarm went off, my legs felt dead and I was exhausted. I decided to try to run after work but just as I predicted I ended up staying well past sunset.

  • Friday, 3/2/12 – NROFLW Stage 1A #9
    • 2.00 miles, 21:17 minutes, 10:38 min/mile avg. pace, 162 BPM avg. HR
    • NROLFW Stage 1A #9 – 18 minutes


Check out the start time on my Garmin! That’s right people, I actually woke up early enough to get in a 2 mile run and a strength training workout before work! Now I just need to continue doing this to make a habit out of it. My strength workout really wasn’t that difficult today because it was only one set but I was really proud of how fair I have come since I started The New Rules of Lifting for Women workout program.


I did it! I actually did it! Honestly, I would have loved to run this race in sub 1:40 but that was just my dream goal. I wasn’t training for this race and I have missed quite a few tempo runs and interval workouts lately so my real goal was sub 1:45. The last time I ran a 15k race was October and my time was 1:52:37. My running has significantly improved since then and my time definitely proves that.

  • Sunday, 3/4/12 – Rest

Today was a much needed rest day. Some weeks just require more rest days than others and this week was one of those. I felt like I was going full steam ahead (especially at work) so I took it as easy as possible today.

Workout Schedule for next week:

  • Monday, 3/5/12 – NROLFW Stage 1B #9
  • Tuesday, 3/6/12 – Easy Run (4 miles @ 11:56)
  • Wednesday, 3/7/12 – Yoga
  • Thursday, 3/8/12 – Tempo Run (Warm Up, 5 miles @ 10:32, Cool Down)
  • Friday, 3/9/12 – Easy Run (4 miles @ 11:56)
  • Saturday, 3/10/12 – Rest
  • Sunday, 3/11/12 – Long Run (10 miles @ 11:56)