My March Goals

The second month of the year was not as good as the first. It was still a good month though. I successfully completed 3 of my 5 goals and did pretty well on the other two. Here are my goals for March.

  1. Run 80 miles. I know that I didn’t meet last month’s goal of 70 miles but I really want to push myself to stick to my training schedule. I have about 7 weeks left until the Athleta Iron Girl Clearwater Half Marathon.
  2. Read two books. The two books I really want to read this month are Mockingjay and The Night Circus . If I have time, I would also like to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.


  3. Attend 4 yoga classes at my yoga studio. I have been talking about this for more than a month. I want to get back into a regular yoga practice. So to start, I am going to attend at least on class at my favorite yoga studio (Yogani) each week.
  4. Complete the #marchphotoaday challenge.  I love this idea and really hope that it will help me with expanding my photography skills and subjects. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@RunnersTales) for my #MarchPhotoADay pictures!


  5. Complete ProBlogger’s 31 Days Workbook. This is actually on my list of 27 things. I figured that since March is 31 days long than this would be a great time to complete this workbook. My goal is make this blog the best that it can and of course to become better at sharing my stories, recipes and advice.

Do you set monthly goals as well as resolutions? Do you try to make your monthly help you accomplish your resolutions?