Domo Arigato

Last Sunday night, my boyfriend and I went to Arigato Japanese Steak House for dinner.


Arigato‘s is a Hibachi style Japanese restaurant that has several locations around the Tampa Bay area. It also happens to be one of our favorite places to go for special occasions or just when we want to have a nice night out. So when a Groupon became available, I was all over it! I have actually had this Groupon for quite some time because we just haven’t had the chance to use it. Last week, I got an email saying that if we used it between Sunday and Thursday we would get an extra $5. Score!! We made reservations almost immediately for Sunday night.


When we arrived, we were seated with 3 other couples around a Hibachi grill. While the waiter was getting our drinks, my boyfriend and I glanced over the menu trying to decide what we wanted for dinner. He decided on The Sumo with two egg rolls as an appetizer.


And I chose the Chicken, Shrimp and Scallops dinner.


Each meal comes with Shoyu onion soup and a side salad with Oriental dressing as appetizers.


Shortly after everyone at the table finished their salads, our table’s chef, Ted, came out with our food. Well, the very raw, uncooked version of our food anyway. And yes, the chef’s name really is Ted. At least that is what he told and what was sown on his chef’s coat.


While the chef got settled, he gave everyone a dish of steak sauce and seafood sauce, which are more commonly known as goody goody sauce and yummy yummy sauce. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the seafood but I absolutely love the steak. Of course, this works out perfectly for me because my boyfriend is the exact opposite. I always give him my dish of yummy yummy sauce and he gives me his goody goody sauce.


The first thing that the chef cooked for us was the teppanyaki vegetables and fried rice complete with the onion volcano and beating heart of rice. Winking smile


While the chef got to work on the meat, my boyfriend and I started eating our vegetables and fried rice. As much as we enjoy watching the chef’s presentation, we also don’t like cold food. We were also really hungry. Holy yum were these veggies delicious too!


Now it was time for the meat! One thing that I really like about this restaurant is that they really pay attention to cross contamination rules, at least what they show the public anyway. Everything on the chef’s cart was completely separated from the other items so that nothing touched until it hit your plate.


First up was the seafood. Since I had run 8 miles that morning, I was in need of some protein so made sure to choose a meal that had plenty of it.


The shrimp and scallops were amazing, full of flavor and perfectly tender. Honestly, I think that the next time we come I am only going to order the scallops because they were that delicious!


After the seafood was done, the chef started cooking the chicken and steak. My boyfriend’s meal came with filet mignon, which he said was cooked just the way he likes it. He tells me it was tender and juicy. My meal came with chicken. Even though it can sometimes be difficult to cook tender chicken on a grill, this chef did a very good job! My chicken was juicy and tender but still crunchy on the outside.


By the time the chef was finished cooking the entire meals, we were both pretty full. We decided to finish eating the shrimp and scallops take the rest home for our lunches the next day. We definitely had a delicious dinner!

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