My February Goals Recap

Another month has past and that means it is time to check in my monthly goals. February was another active month for me. I ran my fourth half marathon through my hometown. While I didn’t set a new PR, I did knock more than 8 minutes off of my time for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January.


1. Practice Yoga twice a week. Halfway! I only practiced yoga 5 times this month, which averages out to be 1.25 times per week. My body has really been showing signs that I need to get back into a regular yoga practice.

2. Log my fitness and nutrition daily. Check! My FitBook Challenge has really helped me stick to logging daily. Everything that I eat is photographed and written down in my book. Every workout is logged.


3. Read a book … or two. Check! I didn’t read two books this month but I did read Catching Fire. Hopefully next month, I will read Mockingjay and The Night Circus .


4. Cook one meal a week. Check! I didn’t really experiment a whole lot with recipes this month but I did prepare a lot of meals at home.

5. Run 70 miles. Almost! Unlike last month, I missed quite a few runs mostly due to getting off of work too late. I also missed a long run, which really hurt me on this goal. Next month, I am really going to stick to my training plan. I did run 68.1 miles though and that is pretty impressive!

How did you do on your goals for February?