table for 8

Last night, I met my family for dinner at Acropolis Greek Taverna. My parents really like this restaurant. Our table for 8 included my parents and I, two of my aunts and uncles and my cousin. I was really glad that my cousin joined us because I haven’t seen him in a really long time. My sister and my boyfriend weren’t able to join because of work but I am not one to pass up a great meal with my family.


The atmosphere in this restaurant is always amazing. There was a band at the front playing traditional Greek music and a little later they were joined by a belly dancer. At the top of every hour, the servers also add their own flare to the air.


Since my training schedule had an 8 mile run scheduled for this weekend, I decided that I wanted to something loaded up with vegetables and included some carbs for extra energy. I decided on the Vegetarian Mousaka with a side salad.


The side salad was filled with delicious veggies and had a huge piece of feta cheese. The house dressing that comes with the salad is not a typical Greek dressing. At least, it isn’t like anything I have bought from the grocery store. The dressing is absolutely fantastic is one of the biggest reasons I always order a side salad. Smile


Since my plan was to run 8 miles in the morning, I decided to order a vegetarian dish that included potatoes, eggplant and cheese. Honestly I don’t know of a better night-before-a-long-run meal. I have never eaten mousaka before but I am incredibly glad that I gave it a try. The Vegetarian Mousaka was full of delicous flavor and so big that I ended up taking half of it home. It was similar to a lasagna because it was a layered dish but there was not pasta involved. Instead of pasta, the individual ingredients were used as layers. Yummy is all I can say!


My parents order the same thing every time they go to this restaurant. They get the chicken kabobs with extra grilled vegetables and no orzo. I have had this dish before and it is very delicious. The chicken is always cooked just right and never dried out. The seasonings really bring out the flavor of the chicken.


The grilled vegetables are also delicious and usually include a ton of zucchini, squash, red peppers and onions. Tomatoes also make an appearance every now and again.


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