dinner with family

Tonight, I spent the evening with my family having dinner and sharing good times. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday, my aunt visiting from North Carolina and my aunt and uncle moving to Texas because of a job promotion. Last night, we decided to go Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill because it was centrally located and one of my aunt’s favorite places to eat.


I was first introduced to Smokey Bones back in high school while visiting my aunt down in West Palm Beach but it has been awhile since I have eaten at one. My boyfriend has never been to this restaurant so it was awesome to share this place with him. The menu was a little different then I remembered. My boyfriend and I were totally excited to try the Build-A-Burger! They even offer turkey, grilled chicken and veggie burgers. Smile


Before we chowed down on our individualized burgers, my boyfriend and I split an order of Pretzel Bones. I was unsure about what to expect. I love pretzels and I love breadsticks but I never imagined that they would be even more delicious when combined. They tasted like a soft pretzel but were soft and doughy like an Italian breadstick (think Olive Garden). The pretzel breadsticks came with 3 dipping sauces: garlic parmesan butter, creamy queso, and sweet honey mustard. My boyfriend annihilated the garlic parmesan butter and creamy queso while I enjoyed the honey mustard.


For dinner, I ordered a veggie burger with provolone cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and BBQ’d onions. All of that was on top of a seven grain bun and with a side of steamed broccoli.


The burger was delicious and much bigger than I imagined. Normally when I order a veggie burger, I only get one patty but they gave me two! The burgers tasted like they were fresh made. I have eaten enough frozen veggie burgers to know what one tastes like. The sun-dried tomatoes really enhanced the flavor of the burger.


The steamed broccoli was also really yummy and very well cooked. It was crisp and yet soft. Really delicious!


My boyfriend was pleasantly surprised with his meal too. The rest of my family enjoyed their meals as well. It was a wonderful evening of great food and great company. Normally we don’t order anything for dessert but my aunt always orders a bag of donuts when she eats at Smokey Bones. I think my boyfriend fell in love with them because he finished his in two bites. I only had a small bite because I wasn’t hungry after my dinner.

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