A very lazy Labor Day

Monday – Strength Training

  • Kettlebells – Warm Up, The Grind, The Smoker, The Finisher & Cool Down (51 minutes)

Happy Labor Day! I can honestly say that it felt great to not go into the office today. I actually really like my job even though I usually find something to complain about. I have been working so hard lately that it was nice to sleep in and get some things done around my place.

I didn’t wake up until 7:30, which was later than usual for me. I laid in bed for a little bit and then decided to be productive. First up was breakfast. Inspired by my delicious omelet from Saturday, I decided to have another one. I added dill in with the chopped spinach and it was amazing. I don’t like  dill pickles (I don’t like pickles at all) but adding dill to the omelet really set the flavor off. After breakfast, I started on my tasks for the day. I am a huge procrastinator and I usually don’t tackle the cleaning until it almost too late and a hazmat team needs to come in. Ok maybe not that bad but I do put things off. Mostly the sort of mail. I go through initially to pull out the bills and anything else important and the rest goes into a pile. In honor of this month’s challenge to get organized on The Chic Life, I decided that I would start tackling the pile. I cleaned off the dining room table and threw a ton of stuff away. I also organized my desk so that I could be more productive when I get home from work.

I really worked up an appetite so I finished my leftovers from dinner last night. My boyfriend and I went to one of our favorite restaurants last night, Pei Wei. I had the Ginger Broccoli with Tofu and Vegetables and brown rice. This dish is really good and makes great leftovers. After lunch, I continued my cleaning for a little bit and then did my workout for the day. Let me just day that this was the time I have tried doing The Finisher Workout. Holy cow is all I can say! This workout is fast passed and really gets the heart pumping. The primary focus of this workout is the Snatch, which can be a little complicated so the first couple of rounds I was going slower than video but I was trying to focus on my form. I also didn’t want my forearm to look like someone had taken a baseball bat to it.

I spent the afternoon doing more laundry and watching my favorite baseball team win an awesome game. They almost shut out the opposition and the pitcher racked up another complete game! While I was diligently cleaning away, I started to notice a strange tightness on the outside of my left foot. I passed it off as being the result of running my longest distance ever yesterday and the fact that I was probably slightly compensating for my healing blister without realizing it. Note to self: make sure that blisters are fully healed before attempting to run long distances. After my attempt at a 6 mile run on Thursday, I should have paid more attention to that. Hopefully, the pain goes away before tomorrow. I am on such a runner’s high right now that I don’t want to lose momentum.


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      I have more organizing planned for this weekend! Including tackling my ever gorwing pile of unimportant mail. Participating in your project really sort of inspired me to get organized before the Holiday season, which is always hectic for me.